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Loewen Paving is a professional, full-service paving company located in the Fraser Valley. We are proud of the fact that we began as a family-owned business. We are also proud of the fact that between us, we have over 80 years of experience in the paving industry.

Professional Paving is more than just a word. Technically, it means that this is the only business that we are in and that we are fully dedicated to paving. It also means that we don’t cut corners to win bids and we don’t play games with the amount of paving material required. In fact, we’ve written a couple of guides that can be viewed on this site.

Loewen Paving owns and maintains its own equipment. We have an excellent reputation for quality work and are well-known in this industry. Need a quote? We would be happy to provide one for free.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Use our Buyer’s Guide to help you select and hire a paving company. We didn’t write it—a customer did! You’ll learn how to protect yourself by asking the hard questions that some outfits would rather not answer.
When paving material is laid down, it has to be compacted (steamrolled). That's why, when you are told you are getting 2 1/2 inches, you need to know if that’s before or after it gets squashed down to 1 inch. Ask!
  • Make sure the contractor is local. Local businesses are more accountable;
  • Research the contractor. BBB ratings, Yelp, star ratings and testimonials;
  • Get an estimate. Get everything in writing. Learn what “After Compaction” means;
  • Ask questions. Who is doing the actual paving? Them, or somebody else?